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Colorectal cancer is cancer of either the rectum or colon and largely preventable. The rectum and colon are the last parts of the digestive tract. The digestive tract also includes the esophagus, stomach, and your small bowel. Colorectal cancer is fairly common and responsible for the 2nd most deaths among cancers. According to the National Cancer Institute, in 2017 there was an estimated 135,430 new cases reported, and over 50,260 deaths.


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CT Virtual Colonoscopy is a minimally invasive method to screen and diagnose colorectal cancer.

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Types of Exams
  • Heart Scan
  • Lung Scan
  • Virtual Colonoscopy

Preventative health scans are provided on a per fee basis and are not covered by Alberta Health Care. For service fee information, please contact 403.212.5847


What to Expect

Canada Diagnostic Centres strives to ensure that every patient is both comfortable and well informed before and on the day of his or her exam.

Heart Scan
  • Do not eat or drink any products containing caffeine on the day of the examination (ie. coffee, soda, chocolate).
Virtual Colonoscopy
  • Detailed instructions available. Please call 403.212.5847
Intravenous Contrast Enhancement
  • Diabetics must consult with their referring doctor, as serious reactions can occur in patients taking Metformin/Glucophage.

What is CT Virtual Colonoscopy?

CT Virtual Colonoscopy is a minimally invasive method to screen and diagnose colorectal cancer. A CT scan is performed and special virtual reality computer software takes the multiple 2D images and combines them together to create a 3D model that is easier to view from multiple angles. Our Radiologist will look at your digestive tract to find polyps and other abnormalities.

This is all done without sedation, and without the need to fill the colon with barium (barium enema) or insert the long larger tube that is used during a conventional colonoscopy.

We believe that a CT Virtual Colonoscopy is more comfortable, faster, safer, and less expensive than a conventional colonoscopy. A Conventional Colonoscopy is considered the gold standard and is the most accurate test for detection of polyps, but it is associated with an increased risk of complications and expense.

CT Virtual Colonoscopy is a very good screening test for colon cancer, for those patients who want a less invasive study and do not have any symptoms or family history.