In The Community

Stanislaus Surgical Hospital takes great pride in providing community service and outreach programs to the Central Valley. We have many programs and services designed to benefit local residents, including our ‘Joint Excellence’ Program, health fairs and safety programs, and exercise programs to Stanislaus County.

At Stanislaus Surgical Hospital we believe it is important to be an active participant in our community. We feel everyone plays a role in making our community stronger. It is essential for members of the community to take responsibility for the way in which they live and to discover how they can help others. Learn more about the ways SSH serves our neighbors and friends. We are proud of the efforts by our staff to improve the world around us and foster the creative environment that sustains us.

Joint Replacement Education

Each year, more than 700,000 people make the decision to undergo joint replacement surgery. The surgery aims to relieve your pain, restore your independence, and return you to work and other daily activities. We are pleased that you have chosen Stanislaus Surgical Hospital to have elective joint replacement surgery. It is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Preparation, education, continuity of care, and a pre-planned discharge are essential for optimum results in joint surgery. Communication is essential to this process. Our ‘Joint Excellence’ Program aims to provide you with the necessary information to promote a more successful surgical outcome. It is designed to educate you so that you know:

•    What to expect every step of the way
•    What you need to do
•    How to care for your new joint

Stanislaus Surgical Hospital has planned a comprehensive course of treatment that we believe will play a key role in promoting a successful recovery and return you to an active lifestyle as quickly as possible. Our goal is to involve you in your treatment through each step of the way starting with our ‘Joint Excellence’ Program.

Health Fairs

A health fair is an educational and interactive event designed to provide basic preventive medicine and medical screening to people in the community. Health Fairs are traditionally offered in the community, on site corporations, work sites, churches or schools. The consist of a variety of vendors and exhibitors that educate on all aspects of health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle improvements. Topics can include such things as chiropractic, acupuncture, fitness clubs and hospitals. It is very common to see health screenings such as cholesterol testing or blood pressure screenings.

Modesto City Schools ROP Program

Regional Occupational Programs (ROP) enable high school students and adults to develop marketable occupational skills, abilities, attitudes, and work habits in order to upgrade skills or obtain a job. The ROP reinforces basic academic skills such as reading, writing, computation, verbal communication, problem solving, and critical thinking. All course studies are work-related and reflect the most current developments in business and industry. Students who successfully complete a ROP course are prepared for entry-level employment, advanced training and/or enrollment in a community college, university, or technical school. Whether a student plans to work full time, or part time and continue in school, a ROP course teaches the skills to get and keep a worthwhile job. For more information visit the Modesto City Schools website here.