Stanislaus Surgical Hospital

stanislaus-frontMission Statement: “Make and maintain the Stanislaus Surgical Hospital as a model for the health care industry in the community and the hospital industry”.

Stanislaus Surgical Hospital opened its doors as an ambulatory surgery center in 1985. As one of the first Surgery Centers in California, Stanislaus set the mark for service and efficiency. In 1998, shareholders voted to convert the Surgery Center into an acute care hospital in order to increase the number of services available to our patients. SSH was licensed and certified as an acute care Hospital in January 2000. In 2007 SSH acquired Precision Imaging to enhance the diagnostic imaging services available to our patients. Since that time, we have grown to be one of the busiest surgery hospitals in the nation.

The Stanislaus Surgical Hospital was the host facility for the creation of the California Ambulatory Surgery Association and more recently a founding member of Physician Hospitals of America. Over the past several years, teams of doctors and administrators have traveled to Modesto, California to tour and observe Stanislaus Surgical Hospital operations. These teams have come from as far as Egypt and Denmark to learn the benefits of an efficient operation, an example of exceptional service, exceptional operations, and an exceptional vision.

The Hospital maintains eight operating rooms, three treatment rooms, and 23 inpatient beds. SSH averages over 15,000 cases per year covering all specialties, including many complex procedures, and has the highest rating by Consumer Reports in their 2010 survey for knee, hip replacements, and neuro surgical procedures.

Precision Imaging, operated by SSH, provides a wide range of diagnostic imaging services to the Stanislaus County service area. PI annually receives referrals from nearly 300 physicians and provides imaging services to nearly 10,000 patients. Current services include Diagnostic X-Ray, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, Bone Density and Mammography.

Stanislaus Surgical Hospital is the result of many years of planning and development. Working with doctors, nurses, physical therapists and other healthcare providers, the environment creates a unique and exciting change from the traditional hospital setting. The environment you will experience at SSH and Precision Imaging will provide you with the comfort of knowing that you are being treated in a state of the art medical facility while experiencing the comfort of a fine hotel with a special attention to service.

At Stanislaus Surgical Hospital, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail. You will enjoy the quiet comfort of carpeted floors, wallpapered patient rooms and a beautiful, relaxing collection of art. The design provides you with private patient elevators and direct discharge to your waiting car or the inpatient nursing unit. We have tried to create an environment unlike any other hospital you may have experienced. We know that your visit to the hospital can be a concern and we have tried to do everything possible to make your stay a comfortable one.