Our Visions & Values

Why Choose SSH?

Because at Stanislaus Surgical Hospital, 'Only the Exceptional is Acceptable!' We are among California’s leading surgical hospitals devoted to providing the best quality, value and personalized service, in an exceptional environment, for our community of patients, physicians, and colleagues. Every doctor, surgeon, nurse, and therapist at SSH is an expert in caring for patients. Every day, these experts have just one goal: providing the world’s best medical care for patients like you.

World-class hospital, world-class environment

At SSH every aspect of your patient experience has been designed to create the best possible surgical outcome. Our operating rooms are as exceptional as the Surgeons who use them. Orthopedic Surgeons perform joint replacement surgeries within special enclosures in the operating room to maintain the strictest sterile environment. A high-tech air filtration system, designed especially for surgery, constantly cleanses and replenishes the air flow away from the operation to further reduce infection risk. These important details were specified by the hospital’s surgeons to help them provide the best possible results for every single one of our patients.


Thank you for choosing Stanislaus Surgical Hospital. Let me tell you a little about us. Stanislaus Surgical Hospital is different from all the other hospitals in Modesto and the surrounding area. It was founded by Modesto doctors who wanted something extra for their patients. It opened in 2000, having evolved from Stanislaus Surgery Center (opened in 1983), and was one of the first of its kind in America. It was formed on three principles that you can actually see in our everyday attention to you, your loved ones and your physician. Those principles are:

  1. We wanted to improve the surgical experience for you and your physician. This begins with the ease your physician has in scheduling your procedure and continues through the follow-up call you receive from our caring staff.
  2. We wanted to provide state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and processes to maximize our ability to give compassionate care and attention to the needs of you and your loved ones.
  3. We wanted to be the most efficient, effective, and productive hospital in the Valley, and we seek to constantly increase our quality, service, and affordability.

There is a difference in where you receive your surgical care. We hope that the “Stanislaus Difference” will be visible to you. That is our promise to you. If you see things we could do, or if you would just like to point out the outstanding attention to your needs by our staff, we hope you will let us know. Until we have an occasion to see you again, our thoughts are for your recovery and our prayers are for your continued good health.