Download: Patient Pre-Admissions Form

Download: Anesthesia Consent Form

Before having your scheduled surgery at our facility, it is necessary to make an appointment with our Pre Admissions scheduler 5-7 days prior to the surgery date.  All of the testing ordered by your surgeon or Primary Care Physician can be and is recommended to be done at our facility in order to satisfy both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist needs.

  • Labs for your surgery are valid for only 7 days before surgery date
  • EKGs are valid for 3 months
  • Chest X-rays are valid for 1 month

**Please Note:  If taking any anti-inflammatories (aspirin, ibuprofen, aleve…) or Vitamins C, E, fish oils and any herbals, stop 7 days before surgery unless otherwise instructed.

At your Pre Admission appointment you will meet with a registered nurse who will complete the following

  • Review your health history
  • Review the Health Questionnaire (available to download and fill out prior to appointment)
  • Please bring a current list of all prescription and over the counter medications you are taking including vitamins, herbs and any supplements with the correct dosage.  Also, include a list of any allergies and their reaction(s)
  • Be prepared to know your Primary MD and any specialty MD names such as cardiology, along with contact information
  • Please bring a list of any previous surgery dates and type
  • A name and phone number of an emergency contact person
  • A copy of your Advance Directive including the DNR order if applicable.
  • Complete all testing ordered (Labs, EKG, Chest X-ray)
  • Meet with an anesthesiologist, if necessary, to review any questions or concerns
  • Review surgery instructions

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you soon.