MRI Exams

SSH Precision Imaging announces NEW MRI Technology

Let’s say you’re not sure what’s happening with a patient, and you need a noninvasive way to get answers fast.

SSH-PI’s new GE 450W magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) unit could be the answer. Faster than traditional MRI imaging modality, the new MRI is the only MRI in the Stanislaus County community that provides such fast, safe imaging to help provide excellent patient care. It’s especially helpful for larger patients, who may be over the weight limit for the tables of traditional imaging machines – and may be too large to fit inside some of the diagnostic equipment. Here are a few of the best features:

First, this new MRI’s tunnel (called a “bore” in radiology lingo) is really big – 20 cm larger than other hospital-based MRI units in the region. That means even large patients can comfortably receive potentially life-saving imaging. And that larger opening means that the procedure is more comfortable for ALL patients, from neonates to the elderly.

Second, it’s cooler and quieter than other models, so hopefully the technologist can obtain an excellent scan on the FIRST attempt, rather than rescanning when patients fidget or startle due to noise (not to mention claustrophobia). And patients may find the procedure more comfortable.

Third, the images are superior, with lots of advanced application potential. GE overcame the lower gradient strength that resulted from widening (and effectively raising) the bore. Bottom line: Enhanced vascular imaging – even without contrast medium, which is contraindicated for some conditions or patients. For example, the high-resolution diffusion-weighted brain imaging corrects for susceptibility artifacts and eliminates those due to dental and surgical implants. You can also get a large field of view of the abdomen, resulting in much better care for obese patients. You can even “suppress fat” when you’re scanning an abdomen. It also provides two-station spine imaging. Practically speaking, you can get an image of the entire spine – with multiple contrasts – in a short time. Even the kidney can be seen clearly without injection of contrast dye.

Fourth, its removable “Express” table means that patients with limited mobility can be safely, efficiently moved in and out, without slowing up the MRI process for other waiting patients.

Fifth, the MRI Suite offers a relaxing ocean theme to relax patients during their exams. Adding to the relaxing atmosphere, headphones are available to the patient to listen to various music choices, or better yet, they can bring their own cd to listen to while completing their studies.

To obtain an MRI exam for your patients, call the Stanislaus Surgical Hospital – Precision Imaging MRI Scheduling number at 209-491-5200 ext. 3.


This LAVA Flex axial MRI image, taken with a GE 450W MRI similar to SSH-PI’s, shows the same view with four contrasts: water-only, fat-only, in-phase, and out-of-phase. LAVA Flex is a high-resolution volume imaging technique with water and fat separation. LAVA Flex is based on the standard LAVA sequence modified to acquire two echoes at in-phase and out-of-phase echo times within the same breath hold. It generates water-only, fat-only, in-phase, and out-of phase images from a single scan. LAVA Flex improves the visualization of small lesions and makes it possible to reformat the 3D dataset into any slice orientation with a near isotropic resolution. [Photo courtesy of GE; explanation courtesy of Vincent Barrau, MD, an associate radiologist at Centre Cardiologique du Nord (CCN), SaintDenis, and a part-time abdominal radiologistat Hospital Beaujon, Clichy,and Hospital Avicenne, Bobigny, all in France.]